kwout everywhere

Don't you wish to integrate "kwout" with your blog or web site, so that readers can easily quote your contents (news, goods, etc.)? Now you can do it using "kwout everywhere"!


Please click the following link to quote a part of this web page.
(The following link is available as a bookmarklet also!)


How to Use

1. Click a "Quote" link 2. Cut out an area 3. Post it to anywhere
Click a \ Cut out an area Post it to anywhere
Click a "Quote" link provided by "kwout everywhere". Click an area to quote, and the area will be cut out. Post it directly to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and so on.

How to Integrate

Please copy the following code and paste it to your blog or web site.

For Enterprise Use

For enterprise use, we can customize "kwout" as per your needs. ITmedia Inc., an online media company serving the Japanese IT market, for instance, has integrated "kwout" with their web sites like this. If you are interested in enterprise use, please feel free to contact us at support at heartrails dot com.